Team Alchemy quest over a 25-year period has been to find the recipe for consistently and proactively producing high performance teams and creating successful team-based organisations.


Team alchemy™ is the state of high performance teamwork that combines outstanding results, synergistic relationships and deep fulfillment from working and learning together. Although there were instruments that spanned the characteristics of both groupings, to some extent, we were unable to find an instrument that both met our business requirements and was statistically robust. As such, we set out to develop a team survey that met the following criteria:
 recognised best practice for defining, measuring, and tracking team performance
 appropriate for 21st century organisations operating in a global business environment
 produced outputs that resonated with clients
 able to be simply understood and applied in daily business activities
 assisted teams to improve business performance
 provided feedback that was statistically and psychometrically sound
 easily administered online.


Accréditation Team Alchemy

Notre cabinet est accrédité « team alchemy facilitator and coach » et peut mettre en oeuvre le modèle TA dans les organisations en transformation, en s’appuyant sur le réseau présent dans les grands pays européen.


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Team Alchemy : a model for high performance teamwork

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